AREVA TN, the nuclear logistics affiliate of New AREVA, is launching an advanced used nuclear fuel storage overpack, NUHOMS MATRIX. With its improved capacity and performance, NUHOMS MATRIX addresses the challenges faced by our customers when it comes to storing used fuel safely, efficiently and competitively.
The unique 2-level horizontal and modular set-up reduces the independent spent fuel storage installation (ISFSI) footprint by 45% which in turn reduces pad construction costs. This makes NUHOMS MATRIX the smallest storage pad on the market for the same capacity, in a context where space is at a premium on nuclear sites. Its design accommodates canisters of different sizes and it can store high burnup short cooled fuel, which is of particular interest for shutdown nuclear reactors. New features and devices allow for the complete inspection of the canister without removing it from the module, as aging management and retrieval of the canister for future transport to a consolidated storage site have become a challenge for utilities.
NUHOMS storage systems securely store the dry fuel storage containers in a horizontal position within a sturdy, low-profile, reinforced concrete structure. This fortress-like structure serves as a robust barrier.
“As more communities, policymakers and utilities across the world discuss securely storing used nuclear fuel, our NUHOMS MATRIX system is a competitive, safe and timely solution for those needs and concerns,” said Greg Vesey, president, TN Americas.
With more than 1,250 dry storage systems loaded worldwide, AREVA TN offers its customers an unrivaled experience for the management of used fuel. (Source: Areva)