Calgary based Oryx Energy advised that In December 2016, the Zey Gawra-1 well was side-tracked and completed in open hole partially penetrating the Cretaceous reservoir in the Zey Gawra field, located in the Hawler License area (Kurdistan region of Iraq). The company intends to continue the extended production test of the well with the objective of assessing the well’s performance, identifying options for increasing production and obtaining information to refine plans for future development of the Zey Gawra field. Crude oil produced at the Zey Gawra field is currently hauled by tanker from Zey Gawra to the Hawler tanker terminal where it is offloaded and then pumped to the Demir Dagh storage system where it is blended with Demir Dagh crude oil before being exported through the Kurdistan Export Pipeline.
The drilling of the third well in the appraisal and initial development of the Zey Gawra field targeting the Cretaceous reservoir is planned in the second quarter of 2017.