Gamba is a small town in Gabon lying on the southern bay of the Ndogo Lagoon. The area was originally populated by gatherer-hunter-fishermen autochthons scattered in small villages around the Ndogo Lagoon and the Yenzi Lake. Gamba is surrounded by a rich environment of grasslands, lagoons, rivers, wetlands, mountains and jungle; home to a wide variety of birds and mammals. August 23, 1963 Shell discovered a major oilfield in Gamba, on Ogooue license, breathing life into this remote corner of the country. A few years later in 1967 took place the loading of the first cargo of crude deposit from Gamba. During the same year, Shell Gabon discovered on September 5, 1967, the Ivinga deposit, near Gamba .The town boomed and immigration of workers from various other parts of the country resulted in the population today of about 8000 people. Though production from the Gamba field is now only a fraction of what it once was, Gamba remains an important and strategic oil hub, being one of only two oil terminals in the country. For Shell Gabon, exploration in the country has not only yielded Gamba; further successes have included the discovery of Rabi in 1985, which is the biggest oil field in Gabon.  (Image: Drilling near Gamba in 1962)