Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) recently drilled and completed tight gas horizontal well Naushahro Feroz (NF) Hor-1. At total depth of 4,940 metres and 1,300 metres horizontal section in Chiltan Formation, NF Hor -1 is one of the deepest and longest horizontal wells in tight gas reservoir drilled in Pakistan. It is also the country’s first well to be completed with ten-stage multi-frack. PPL made a tight gas discovery at NF X-1 in 2014. This was followed by extensive in-house geological and geophysical studies to design the optimum horizontal well to appraise the discovery. Logging while Drilling technology with real-time evaluation was used to successfully drill the horizontal section. Based on preliminary results, the well flowed 1.3 MMscfd gas and 9 bbl/d of condensate at 32/64 choke size from one stage only. PPL plans to carry out ten-stage multi-frack job on the well which is expected to significantly increase flow potential.
NF Hor-1 is in Naushahro Feroz Block, Sindh, with PPL as operator holding 90 percent working interest and the remaining 10 percent held by Asia Resources Oil Limited.
Currently, PPL together with its subsidiaries has a portfolio of 44 exploration blocks of which the company operates 26, including one block in Iraq, while 18 blocks, comprising three offshore leases in Pakistan and two onshore concession in Yemen, are operated by joint venture partners.
PPL has made eight discoveries in operated blocks ? four in Gambat South (Kabir X-1, Hatim X-1, Hadi X-1A and Zafir X-1), two in Hala Block (Fazl X-1 and Bashar X-1 ST) and one each in Dhok Sultan (Dhok Sultan X-1) and Kotri (Kotri X-1) blocks during last two years. (Source: PPL)