January 18, 2024

Plus Power has brought online a 185 MW / 565 MWh state-of-the-art battery energy storage system that provides clean, firm capacity to the Hawaiian Electric Company. The Kapolei Energy Storage (KES) project is located on approximately eight acres of land zoned for industrial use (I-2: Intensive Industrial).
KES interconnects to the Hawaiian Electric grid at the existing CEIP 138kV substation located approximately 2,500 feet east of the project site.
The KES battery project, located on 8 acres of industrial land on the southwest side of Oahu near Honolulu, uses 158 Tesla Megapack 2 XL lithium iron phosphate batteries, each roughly the size of a shipping container. It offers the grid 185 megawatts of total power capacity and 565 megawatt-hours of electricity, acting as an electrical “shock absorber” often served by combustion-powered peaker plants — responding in the blink of an eye (250 milliseconds), rather than the several minutes it takes combustion plants to come online.
The KES batteries will help replace the grid capacity formerly provided by an AES coal power plant less than a mile away. That plant once produced up to one-fifth of the electricity on Oahu, home to nearly a million of Hawaii’s 1.5 million people and Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps bases that require reliable power. The coal plant closed in September 2022.
The Plus Power team is accelerating the deployment of transmission-connected battery energy storage throughout the United States.
(Source and image: Plus Power -Kapolei Energy Storage)