September 14, 2018

Learn Essential Elements on Worldwide Fiscal Systems, Production & Revenue Generation, Cost Recovery & Division of Profits at the PSC Courses 2018, London & Houston
• London, 8 – 12 October 2018
• Houston, 3-7 December 2018

The modern PSC has evolved into a complex contractual document governing risks and rewards inherent in oil exploration. The Production Sharing Contracts course will examine all types of fiscal and contractual arrangements between oil companies and governments, providing critical information to create the right commercial framework for successful PSC negotiations. It examines state-of-the-art practice and techniques in fiscal system, analysis and design.

PSCs in over 30 countries will be examined. A must for all senior managers in new ventures, exploration, corporate planning, geology, as well as petroleum negotiators, oil company legal counsel, advisers, geologists, and engineers.

Key Issues, Events & Hot Topics In Today’s Industry: What is the legacy of the Changing Fiscal Landscape for 2008 – 2017

Explore Daniel Johnston’s white paper from the Journal of World Energy Law & Business (JWELB) on the Changing Fiscal Landscape. He expounds on the new focus of business relationships between IOCs & Governments, which contemplates not just the division of revenues and profits but the division of risks through signature bonuses, royalties, government equity participation, ring fencing and other fiscal/contractual elements.
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