December 01, 2018

The French car manufacturer Renault announced the signing of a three-year partnership with the start-up company Neoline, based in Nantes, France, with the ambition to become the first owner focused on fuel efficiency, relying on wind-powered freighters.
Renault currently transports nearly 60% of its parts and vehicles by sea. The objective is to develop a sustainable maritime transport service to transport between 50 and 100 vehicles per year between Saint-Nazaire, the East coast of the United States and Saint-Pierre & Miquelon from 2021.
Two wind-powered freighters will be put into service. The construction of the first is expected to begin in the first half of 2019, and that of the second a few months later.
Started in 2015, the Neoline project has made it possible to design a 136-meter long commercial demonstrator with a fleet of 4,200 m² managed by 15 crew members. Combined with a so-called economic speed (13 days to cross the atlantic against 8 days for a classic propulsion), the wind propulsion will allow this ro-ro ship to reduce its CO2 emissions by up to 90%, compared to a traditional freighter on an equivalent journey.
Jean-Philippe Hermine, Strategy and Environmental Planning Director of the Renault Group, said: “The ambition of the Renault Group is to reduce the ecological footprint of each vehicle throughout its life cycle, from the transportation of manufacturing parts to delivery and end-of-life treatment.”
By 2030, Neoline plans to go even further by offering a wider range of maritime transport solutions able to meet a maximum of maritime transport needs.
(Source: Neoline – Image Neoline/Mauric)