March 12, 2018

The Chief Executive of Enagas, Marcelino Oreja, and the Chairman of Redexis Gas, Fernando Bergasa, signed an agreement to boost renewable hydrogen by creating H2Gas, the aim of which is the technical development and encourage of production and transmission infrastructure for hydrogen generated from renewable sources.
Under the H2Gas brand, Enagas and Redexis Gas are finalising an initial project which will consist of the development of the necessary technology to produce renewable hydrogen for its use in the industry and mobility sectors. Moreover, both companies will work jointly to advance and develop renewable hydrogen for its introduction into the gas transmission and distribution network. The project comprehends the use of Power-to-Gas technology, allowing hydrogen to be produced from water and electricity and injected into the gas grid, either directly or converted into synthetic natural gas or biomethane.
In the context of energy transition, renewable hydrogen is being positioned as a new, comprehensive energy vector, given that it can be transformed into different forms of energy: electricity, synthetic gas and heat, for its use in multiple applications. Renewable hydrogen enables new connections to be created between energy supply and demand, bringing flexibility to the energy system.
From the environmental perspective, it will be a key energy source for reducing CO2 emissions, in line with the aims of the Paris Agreement. Furthermore, it is seen as a viable short-term option because its use suits to the existing gas network infrastructure, which is already prepared to store and transport both natural gas and gases produced from renewable sources.