Rolls-Royce SMR and ULC-Energy believe nuclear energy can accelerate the transition to a clean, affordable, and reliable energy system in the Netherlands.
ULC-Energy intends to develop nuclear projects deploying modern, state-of-the-art, modular reactors that are based on proven technology. The Rolls-Royce SMR has been selected by ULC-Energy as its SMR technology provider of choice.
The Rolls-Royce SMR applies proven nuclear technology to provide affordable, secure, low carbon electricity and heat; building on our world-class capability and experience in manufacturing, energy systems and nuclear reactor design and construction.
90% of the Rolls-Royce SMR is built in factory conditions, limiting on-site activity primarily to assembly of pre-fabricated, pre-tested, modules which significantly reduces project risk and has the potential to drastically shorten build schedules.
By signing the agreement, the parties have formalised their alignment and will be working closely together to advance application of this technology solution over coming years.
The Rolls-Royce SMR power station will have the capacity to generate 470MW of low carbon energy, equivalent to more than 150 onshore wind turbines and enough to power a million homes. It will provide consistent baseload generation for at least 60 years, helping to support the roll out of renewable generation and overcome intermittency issues.
ULC-Energy B.V. is a nuclear energy development company, established in 2021 in The Netherlands and based in Amsterdam. ULC stands for Ultra Low Carbon and ULC-Energy’s mission is to accelerate decarbonisation in the Netherlands by developing nuclear energy projects that efficiently integrate in residential and industrial energy networks in The Netherlands.
(Source: ULC-Energy)