February 06, 2018

Rosatom advised that president of Russia Vladimir Putin gave the start to the program of bringing up Rostov-4 to design power. The Rostov nuclear power plant, known as Volgodonsk nuclear power plant located on the left bank of the Tsimlyansk reservoir in the lower stream of the Don River near Volgodonsk, in Rostov region, southwestern Russia.
The turbine generator of Unit 4 was synchronized with the grid and electricity started flowing into the unified power grid of the country.
The President Putin noted that in 2017 nuclear power reached a record of 200 billion kWh of electricity. “I would like to thank you for this work. On the whole, nuclear power makes 19% of electricity in the total mix, but we will develop this sector further, which is highly technological and efficient,” he said.
“Certainly, it is very important that our competence is recognized all over the world; we continue construction both in the country and abroad. We build corresponding nuclear facilities in 12 world countries and will continue this work further,” Putin said.
According to the head of state, the commissioning of Rostov-4 will provide for the current and future needs in electricity not only of Rostov but of entire South Russia.
To remind, Rostov NPP is the only nuclear power plant in contemporary Russia which started up three power units on one site over 7 years (in 2010 – Unit 2, in 2015 – Unit 3, in 2017 – Unit 4) and the first plant in the modern Russian history which witnessed resurrection of the so-called “straight-line construction” that supports both maximum effective use of material and monetary resources and observance of the major construction term. Today, Rostov NPP is one of the largest enterprises of Rostov Region and southern Russia’s energy sector. Unit 4 will sustainably supply power to the entire south region of Russia. At this, Rostov Region will be one of the ten Russian regions which are leaders in electricity generation. Now, the plant produces over 40% electricity in the region. Electricity from the plant’s units is supplied to Volgograd Region, Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories and in the city of Volgodonsk, which means the energy security of the entire energy system of the country’s South. New Unit 4 commissioning will bring the share of electricity production of the plant in the region up to about 54%. (Source: Rosatom – The Simlyansk reservoir in Volgodonsk, Image: ReneP/energyglobalnews_