NovaWind has started to supply wind-generated power to the power utility company Petroelectrosbyt (PES), enabling it to provide customers with green electricity generated at wind power plants. Earlier, PES signed a contract with VetroSGC-2 (part of NovaWind) for the supply of 1.8 million kWh of electricity from the Berestovskaya Wind Farm.
The signing of the agreement gives the power supply organization the opportunity to provide its customers with green electricity produced by wind farms.
The Berestovskaya Wind Farm is located in the Petrovsky District, Stavropol Krai. It has been supplying electricity to the wholesale electricity market since January 1, 2023. This is NovaWind’s fifth wind farm in the Stavropol Krai.
The wind farm consists of 24 wind turbines with a capacity of 2.5 MW each. With an installed capacity of 60 MW, it is planned to generate 175.5 million kWh of electricity on the annual average.
Established in September 2017, NovaWind is Rosatom’s wind power.
Petroelectrosbyt Joint Stock Company (PES JSC) is an electricity distribution company selling over 3 billion kWh annually to more than 90 large consumers in 11 regions of Russia.
(Source and Image: Rosatom – Berestovskaya wind farm)