October 08, 2021

Sembcorp Industries’ subsidiary Sembcorp Utilities, Chiyoda Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation have signed a strategic collaboration Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to explore the feasibility and implementation of a commercial-scale supply chain to deliver decarbonised hydrogen into Singapore, utilising Chiyoda’s proven hydrogen storage and transportation technology “SPERA Hydrogen™”.
In May 2021, the Japanese Government announced the Asia Energy Transition Initiative (AETI) that aims to support the achievement of sustainable economic growth and carbon neutrality in Asia, and the governments of Japan and Singapore have commenced dialogue on energy transition. Under the AETI, Japan will support Singapore’s energy transition leveraged by Japanese companies’ technology, such as Chiyoda’s “SPERA Hydrogen™” and commercialisation thereof.
Chiyoda has developed the “SPERA Hydrogen™” technology to release hydrogen from Methylcyclohexane (MCH1). MCH is a type of liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC2) that appears to be a more suitable hydrogen carrier, in particular for its safety and compatibility with existing industrial infrastructure.
This MOU represents a strategically important step in the potential creation of a commercial-scale global supply chain for decarbonised hydrogen into Singapore. The parties intend to undertake joint efforts to explore the most cost-effective hydrogen production in offshore locations for subsequent hydrogenation in these selected locations, and to ultimately ship MCH to Singapore for use.
(Source: Sembcorp – The Esplanade in Singapore/Rene B/energy global news)