September 12, 2017

Shelf Drilling has secured a two-year contract for each of the Shelf Drilling Tenacious and the Shelf Drilling Mentor with Dubai Petroleum. Each contract includes two one-year options and the planned startup of operations is January 2018. David Mullen, Chief Executive Officer, Shelf Drilling, said: “We are extremely pleased with this award for two of our recently acquired premium jackup rigs. This opportunity further strengthens our market leading position in the Middle East region. Both rigs are ideally suited for Dubai Petroleum’s needs, and we are very excited to have secured our maiden contracts with a well-established operator. We see this as an opportunity to have a very long-term relationship with Dubai Petroleum.” Shelf Drilling was founded in 2012 with the acquisition of 37 shallow water jackups from Transocean, in December 2012, and has established itself as a leader within its industry through its fit-for-purpose strategy and close working relationship with industry leading clients.
Shelf Drilling Tenacious and Mentor previously named West Triton and West Mischief were recently acquired from Seadrill. The two units respectively delivered in 2007 and 2010 are warm stacked in UAE.
Dubai Petroleum Establishment came into existence on April of 1963 and discovered oil in Fateh field in 1966, South West Fateh Field happened four years later, and Falah and Rashid after that. On the 22nd September 1969, the first tanker of oil was exported from Fateh Field, and thus enabling Dubai to finance its developments and enter a new phase in its modern history through a number of huge projects new to the Gulf and the Middle East Region. (Source: Sherf Drilling – Image: Shelf Drilling Tenacious / Seadrill)

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