January 11, 2024

SLB announced an investment and technology partnership agreement with Geminus AI that will give SLB exclusive access to deploy the first physics-informed artificial intelligence (AI) model builder for oil and gas operations. The Geminus model builder fuses physics-based approaches with process data to produce highly accurate AI models that can be deployed at scale, far faster and at much less cost than traditional AI approaches.
The Geminus platform uses novel, physics-informed AI computing to translate constraints of the physical world inside digital models. It requires only sparse data, and models are easily updated with the infusion of new data points. Data scientists and modeling engineers can use the platform to predict the behavior of complex systems and make informed real-time decisions.
Born to pave the way for AI into the physical world, Geminus uses cutting-edge AI techniques to drive innovative modeling for optimizing and automating industrial systems in real-time. Geminus is headquartered in Camberidge, MA.
(Source: SLB – Image: Geminus)