Calgary based Sonoro Energy announced that drilling has begun at its LG-1 Up-dip appraisal well in Indonesia. Sonoro’s drilling contractor, PTI Advanced Services Indonesia, has rigged up with all personnel and services on site at the LG-1 Up-dip wellsite on the Budong Budong Production Sharing Contract (PSC) lease in West Sulawesi, and has begun drilling operations with its Rig 3. Sonoro is also pleased to announce that it has received further confirmation from Indonesia’s Directorate General of Oil and Gas (“MIGAS”) that the exploration period for the Budong Budong PSC remains valid through Jan. 15, 2018, and that Sonoro has until that date to drill, complete and test the LG-1 Up-dip well with no further conditions attached. A MIGAS representative visited the LG-1 Up-dip site in West Sulawesi this past weekend and performed an inspection to its satisfaction, enabling Sonoro to begin drilling operations. 2 “We are pleased to have the continued support of the Indonesian government regulator SKKMIGAS and MIGAS to commence drilling operations with confidence,” said Sonoro CEO and Director Richard Wadsworth. “With this confirmation and inspection,” added Mr. Wadsworth, “we expect the initial drilling to now proceed cautiously in the top hole section, given the documented hydrocarbon overpressure encounters in the region, such that extra precautions are taken to be prepared for potential shallow gas kicks in the upper hole.”
Sonoro, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, has a 71.5 percent working interest in a production sharing contract (PSC) for the exploration rights to a 1,094-square-kilometer onshore area on Sulawesi. (Source and image: Sonoro Energy)