January 10, 2017

The tripod and flare deck of the phase 22 platform of development plan of South Pars phases 22, 23, and 24 was installed on Tuesday, 3rd of January. The structure, has been loaded as scheduled by December from the industrial yard of SADRA company in Bushehr and has been transmitted to the position of phase 22 after being braced on the floating carrier. The structure weights about 576 tones and the construction operation was already finalized during 4 months since the beginning of the construction in industrial yard of SADRA in June 2016.
The development plan of phases 22, 23, and 24 is designed for the sake of the extraction of 56 million cubic meters of rich gas per day from the South Pars field and by the time of its finalization, about 50 million cubic meters of sweet gas, 75 thousand barrels of gas condensates, 400 tons of Sulfur per day, and about 1 million tons of Ethane and 1 million tons of Butane and Propane annually would be produced. (Source: POGC)