June 16, 2017

On 15 June 2017, the naming ceremony took place for a new multifunctional icebreaking standby vessel (IBSBV) built to order for SCF Group. The vessel was constructed at the Arctech Helsinki Shipyard and was commissioned under a long-term agreement between SCF and Sakhalin Energy for the Sakhalin-2 project. Stepan Makarov will have Saint Petersburg as her home port and is registered under the Russian flag. The main tasks of the vessel are to ensure the safety of the personnel on the offshore oil and gas production platforms of Sakhalin Energy in the Sea of Okhotsk, to respond to emergency spills at sea and to support the company’s operations within its technical capabilities.
Stepan Makarov is the first of three IBSBVs commissioned by SCF Group for operations at the Sakhalin-2 project. One more ship commissioned by SCF for this project, an icebreaking supply vessel Gennadiy Nevelskoy, has already been delivered and arrived at Sakhalin Island in April 2017. The agreement between SCF Group and Sakhalin Energy, signed in 2014, involves the operation of all four vessels for twenty years under the Sakhalin-2 project. The Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, which is providing technical supervision during the construction of all four vessels, has assigned an ice class of Icebreaker6 to the new vessel.
The vessel was named after Stepan Makarov, a Russian admiral and a polar explorer who played a prominent role in establishing the Russian icebreaker fleet. He introduced the idea to use icebreakers for Arctic Ocean exploration, and was directly involved in the design and construction of Yermak, the world’s first Arctic icebreaker (1898). (Source and image: Sovcomflot)