April 21, 2017

Spectrum announced the commencement of a 35,000 km Multi-Client 2D seismic survey covering 435,000 sq.km in Argentina deep waters in cooperation with YPF S.A. and the authorization of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals. This survey is designed in close cooperation with YPF S.A. and will provide Industry with the first ever detailed seismic grid over this under-explored frontier area of Argentina, allowing for basin-wide studies of the area as well as prospect/lead level interpretation studies for upcoming license rounds. Data is being acquired with a 12,000 m streamer with continuous recording to enable extended recording lengths and high fold data to enable full interpretation from Moho to water bottom. The data will be processed with PSTM, PSDM and Broadband products with first deliveries in early Q4 2017. The new data will be utilized to assist the Ministry in placement and design of parcels for the future license rounds offshore Argentina. This survey will be carried out in partnership with BGP Marine and is supported by Industry funding. (Source: Spectrum)

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