October 09, 2023

Standard Power, a provider of infrastructure as a service to advanced data processing companies, announced its plans to develop two small modular reactor (SMR)-powered facilities that will together produce nearly 2GW of clean, carbon free energy and has chosen to work with technology provider NuScale Power Corporation (NuScale) (NYSE: SMR), the only technology provider and producer of SMRs that has obtained U.S. regulatory approval, and ENTRA1 Energy (ENTRA1) an independent global energy development and production company to support Standard Power’s two projects.
The facilities will be located in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Standard Power aims to use the carbon-free energy to power nearby data centers. As the technology provider, NuScale will provide its approved NuScale SMR Technology for these projects, the only SMR technology that has received design approval from the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission – a world-class regulator for nuclear safety.
The development of a commercial SMR power facility is a crucial step in the transition to a sustainable energy future and will not only help technology data centers achieve carbon reduction targets, but will also support the development of a new clean energy source to meet diverse energy transition needs. Power plant facilities using NuScale’s certified SMR technology can provide unmatched flexibility for utilities, industrials and governments looking to reduce carbon emissions while maintaining efficient baseload power.
ENTRA1 Energy is NuScale’s exclusive global strategic partner commercializing the NuScale SMR Technology. Through this partnership, ENTRA1 develops, finances, owns and operates energy production plants powered by the NuScale SMR Technology.
(Source and image: NuScale)