July 08, 2012

Owned and operated by Canada-based Husky Energy, the SeaRose FPSO, which measures 272m by 46m, has been docked in Harland and Wolff’s Belfast Repair Dry Dock since its arrival on the 6th of June. After the successful completion of the refurbishment and upgrade program the vessel is heading back to the Newfoundland waters. Work on the SeaRose has included maintenance on the vessel’s propulsion system, turret and painting of the hull as well as regulatory inspections and upgrades to accommodate present and future operating capacity. The SeaRose is one of the oil industry’s ocean goliaths, a massive vessel that will be floating aqgain on the North Atlantic waters over the White Rose field, some 350 kilometres southeast of St. John’s. It stretches 272 metres long by 46 wide. It has enough on-board capacity to hold 90 crew and 940,000 barrels of oil.