February 02, 2019

According to the Oxford Economics Research Institute, in about fifteen years, Jakarta in Indonesia will lead the world’s most populated cities with 38 million inhabitants. Jakarta is expected to surpass the city of Tokyo, which currently has the largest population in the world with 37 million people, and should be 37.8 million in 2035.
With 32.2 million inhabitants, the city of Chongqing in China will house in 2035 the third largest urban population in the world, followed by the city of Dhaka in Bangladesh, with 31.2 million inhabitants.
The ten cities in the world that will experience the fastest economic growth between 2019 and 2035 will all be located in India. In the northwest of the state of Gujarat, the city of Surat has become in just a few years the world’s leading diamond cutting center. Ranked at the top of the rankings with a prediction of 9.2% for the average annual growth rate of GDP, the city is also recognized for its computer and technology sector.
However, the cities of New York, Tokyo, London and Los Angeles should maintain their positions as the world’s major urban superpowers. The city of Paris, by 2035, should leave the top 5 cities with the largest GDP, and be ahead of the cities of Shanghai and Beijing.
Oxford Economics is a leader in global forecasting and quantitative analysis. The company’s worldwide client base comprises more than 1,500 international corporations, financial institutions, government organisations, and universities. (Source: Oxford Economics Research Institute)