March 17, 2023

TotalEnergies and Canadian convenience store leader Alimentation Couche-Tard have signed agreements covering TotalEnergies’ retail networks in four European countries. Under these agreements, TotalEnergies will partner with Couche-Tard in Belgium and Luxembourg and sell its networks in Germany and the Netherlands to the Canadian firm:
• In Belgium and Luxembourg, TotalEnergies and Couche-Tard will form a joint venture (TotalEnergies 40%, Couche-Tard 60%) that will own and operate 619 service stations. TotalEnergies is a market leader in these two countries, and the partnership with Couche-Tard will accelerate the transformation of these assets by maximizing their non-fuel sales.
• In Germany and the Netherlands, TotalEnergies will sell 100% of its networks to Couche-Tard, including 1,198 service stations in Germany and 392 in the Netherlands. The Company is not a market leader in these two countries, and the expertise of a convenience store retailer is crucial. TotalEnergies will focus instead on developing new mobilities (electric and hydrogen) in these countries.
The service stations in the four countries will remain under the TotalEnergies brand as long as the fuel is supplied by the Company, for at least five years, notably from its refineries in Antwerp (Belgium) and Leuna (Germany). TotalEnergies will retain its activities related to off-station electric vehicle charging (charging hubs), hydrogen retail and wholesale fuel business, as well as the AS 24 service station network for trucks.
(Source: TotalEnergies – Total Energies retail station in Berlin)