July 27, 2022

Transocean issued a quarterly Fleet Status Report that provides the current status of, and contract information for, the company’s fleet of offshore drilling rigs.
This quarter’s report includes the following updates:
• Deepwater Skyros – Awarded a ten-well contract in Angola at $310,000 per day.
• Deepwater Invictus – Awarded a two-well contract extension in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico at $375,000 per day.
• Transocean Spitsbergen – For work in Norway, awarded a nine-well firm contract at $335,000 per day, plus two one-well options at $375,000 per day.
• Transocean Spitsbergen – Customer exercised two one-well options in Norway at $305,000 per day.
• Paul B Loyd. Jr – Awarded a one-well contract, plus two one-well options and an eight P&A well option in the U.K., each at $175,000 per day.
• Dhirubhai Deepwater KG1 – Awarded an estimated 86-day contract extension plus up to four option wells (270 days) in India at $330,000 per day.
• Deepwater Mykonos – Awarded a 435-day contract, plus options up to an incremental 279 days in Brazil at approximately $364,000 per day.
The aggregate incremental backlog associated with these fixtures is approximately $650 million. As of July 25, the company’s total backlog is approximately $6.2 billion.
Transocean owns or has partial ownership interests in, and operates a fleet of 37 mobile offshore drilling units consisting of 27 ultra-deepwater floaters, and 10 harsh environment floaters.
(Source: Transocean – Image: Deepwater Mykonos drillship)