February 26, 2022

Ocean Infinity has contracted VARD (A Fincantieri company) for the design and construction of a new series of six multi-purpose offshore vessels, all of which will be operated from shore and will eventually utilise green ammonia as fuel.
This landmark order of six, 85-metre, optionally crewed robotic vessels will take Ocean Infinity’s remote vessel fleet to 23 vessels – the largest in the world.
With Ocean Infinity’s control infrastructure and remote control centre currently undergoing commissioning, transformational low-emission remote operations are becoming a closer reality for the global maritime industry.
This new contract between Ocean Infinity and VARD facilitates the next phase of joint development between the two companies, including VARD’s subsidiaries, Vard Design, Vard Electro and Seaonics. VARD’s vessel systems management and automation techniques coupled with Ocean Infinity’s systems integration capability and remote operations infrastructure will enable remote ship operation on a uniquely global scale.
Richard Daltry, Technical Director – Surface Technology at Ocean Infinity said “Armada will play a huge role in enabling the global maritime community to reduce its carbon emissions from operations at sea. These new 85m vessels will be optimised for inspection, maintenance and repair and light construction work to offer remote, ultra-low carbon services to the offshore energy market. Like the 78m series currently under construction, the new design continues to drive minimalised environmental impact with its integration of new fuel-cell and battery technology.”
Dan Hook, Chief Technology Officer at Ocean Infinity said “The team have made significant progress in recent months; commissioning our shore-side remote control infrastructure, running ROVs remotely and developing our fleet management capability. The way in which we will optimise the control and operation of these remote vessels is key. We’re wholeheartedly committed to our goal of transforming operations at sea, to enable people and the planet to thrive, and we’re proud to demonstrate that with the announcement of this next phase of Armada”.
Fredrik Mordal Hessen, General Manager of VARD’s Offshore and Specialized Vessels business area, is impressed with Ocean Infinity’s willingness and ability to take the lead in contributing to a sustainable and future-oriented maritime industry.
The new vessels of VARD 9 80 design will augment Ocean Infinity’s current Armada fleet of nine 21-metre and 36-metre vessels, plus eight 78-metre vessels which are already in production.
VARD won the contract to design and build the eight highly advanced, 78-meter vessels in November 2020. The first four are underway while steel cutting for the fifth began recently at Vard Vung Tau in Vietnam.
The new series of six vessels are scheduled for delivery from Vard Vung Tau in 2025. The first vessels will have the full suite of new technology and equipment installed and integrated at one of VARD’s shipyards in Norway utilizing VARD’s global integrated value chain.
Ocean Infinity is a marine robotics company headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA. The company founded in 2017 uses robots to obtain information from the ocean and seabed.
(Source and image: Ocean Infinity)