March 09, 2018

Wave Hub based in Hayle, Cornwall, has issued an invitation to tender for the provision of wind resource data for the Wave Hub offshore site in Cornwall.
The Wave Hub is a wave power research project. The project is developed approximately 10 miles (16 km) off Hayle, on the north coast of Cornwall, United Kingdom. The hub was installed on the seabed in September 2010, and is a socket sitting on the seabed for wave energy converters to be plugged into. It will have connections to it from arrays of up to four kinds of wave energy converter. A cable from the hub to main land will take electrical power from the devices to the electric grid.
The primary data requirement is the supply of twelve months of accurate wind profile data suitable to conduct the commercial energy yield assessment and thereafter secure investment for the development of floating wind at the Wave Hub site. This procurement forms part of a wider programme of work to diversity the site to support the demonstration of floating wind in addition to wave energy. Outputs must be suitable for conducting robust commercial energy yield assessment and then securing investment for the potential development of floating wind projects at the Wave Hub offshore site. The wind profile data will also be used in conjunction with the oceanographic data to inform the design of the plant.
Wave Hub Ltd’s core role is to manage the Wave Hub facility and facilitate testing of a range of offshore technologies including large scale wave energy devices, wave energy arrays, floating wind, hybrid wind/wave devices, major subcomponents and associated subsea equipment.
The construction of the Wave Hub test facility was funded by the European Regional Development Fund Convergance Programme and the UK Government. It is operated by Wave Hub Ltd whose purpose is to:
– Progress technology development by enabling connection and testing of offshore renewable energy installations;
– Drive research and innovation to help overcome the final hurdles to full commercialisation;
– Foster a growing offshore renewable energy industry and stimulate associated community benefits
(Source: Wave Hub)