January 26, 2024

Westinghouse and Prodigy are designing a solution for the constant demands for electricity and heat in these types of harsh, remote climates: a Transportable Nuclear Power Plant (TNPP) featuring an eVinci microreactor from Westinghouse.
The two companies have been collaborating since 2019 to evaluate deployment models for the eVinci microreactor. A multinational corporation operating strategic critical minerals assets in Canada funded a study in 2019-2020 to identify more reliable clean energy sources. In the study, Prodigy assessed the eVinci microreactor for deployment in a marine facility fixed at shoreside to power a remote mine.
Following the study, Prodigy pioneered the development of TNPP civil structures standardized for deployment at a wide range of sites. The Prodigy Microreactor Power Station TNPP, which can integrate a single or multiple 5MWe factory-built and fueled eVinci microreactors, would be prefabricated and transported to a site for installation at the shoreline or on land. The TNPP could supply reliable electricity and heat to remote industrial sites, data centers, communities, defense installations, and to islands and island nations.
Next steps for Westinghouse and Prodigy include completing the TNPP design for the eVinci microreactor, completing development of a nuclear oversight model for TNPP manufacturing, outfitting and transport, and progressing licensing and site assessments to support a first project in Canada by 2030.
(Source and image: Westinghouse)