Today most of the world’s goods are carried by merchant ships, making the shipping industry an essential player in international trade.
With its efficient wingsail innovation, WISAMO meets the everyday constraints of commercial ships.
Wisamo is part of Michelin, the French multinational tyre manufacturing company.
The main differentiating characteristics of WISAMO is the simplicity of usage, the damage resistance and the cost-effectiveness.
Whether in port or at sea and whatever the weather conditions, WISAMO makes maritime decarbonization easier.
• Wisamo’s automatic wingsail operates completely independently, without human action
• The fully retractable mast meets the operational constraints of maritime transport (loading/unloading and passage under bridges)
• Operating the system requires no specific skills from crew, neither on board nor at the dock.
• Continuous low-pressure inflation by fans prevents punctures
• Thanks to its foldable mast, impact on vessel stability will be limited and preliminary fatigue will be avoided
• The inflated design and shape provides effective shock absorption
• The symmetrical shape protects the components from premature wear
• An estimated reduction in fuel consumption of between 5% and 20%
• Optimum return on investment thanks to the savings made – around 5 years payback time
WISAMO’s innovative solution for decarbonizing shipping is key to the MICHELIN Group “All Sustainable” vision. Wisamo is located in Nantes, France.
(Source and Image: Wisamo)