A Russian “green” tanker of the Aframax type has been launched from the slipway of the Zvezda Shipyard. This is the second vessel in a series of 12 large-capacity tankers with 114,000 tons deadweight. The lead tanker Vladimir Monomakh was handed over to the customer in December 2020.
This powerful new generation tanker is designed to carry oil in an unlimited navigation area. The vessel was designed in compliance with high environmental safety standards. The main and auxiliary power plants can operate on both traditional and environmentally friendly fuel, liquefied natural gas, which meets the new world environmental standards.
The length of the vessel is 250 meters, it is 44 meters long, its deadweight is 114 thousand tons, and the speed is 14.6 knots with ICE-1A ice class.
Aframax tanker was launched using the Vympel transport and transfer dock, one of the largest in Russia. The tanker has been towed to the outfitting berth where the mooring stage of tests will be performed: checking the systems and equipment of the vessel for further preparation for sea trials and handover to the customer.
Today, the portfolio of Zvezda Shipyard includes 12 Aframax tankers, 10 of which are ordered by AO Rosnefteflot (a special subsidiary of Rosneft Oil Company). At the moment, six Aframax tankers are being manufactured and assembled in the workshops and on the building slips of the enterprise.
Zvezda Shipbuilding is a Russian shipbuilding company that operates the country’s largest shipyard in the town of Bolshoy Kamen in the Russian Far East.
The Zvezda shipyard has been created by a consortium of investors headed by Rosneft. During the construction of the shipyard, fundamentally new technological solutions were used which will allow it to become one of the state-of-the-art shipbuilding industries in the world.
(Source: Rosneft)