September 11, 2017

CHC Helicopter celebrated the inaugural flight of CHC’s new Airbus H175 super-medium aircraft to the Ocean Patriot.
“I am delighted to see the H175 officially take off for our European operation – the first of three in the CHC fleet– and to offer this new-generation aircraft to Shell, for whom we have provided aviation services, in the United Kingdom/North Sea, since 2012,” said Mark Abbey, CHC Regional Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa. “The aircraft can be configured to carry up to 16 passengers allowing CHC to efficiently manage our customers’ current North Sea operations whilst also providing a high level of operational flexibility. This is key to customers’ needs in the next phase of North Sea oil and gas activity.”
The Airbus Helicopters H175 is a new-generation medium-sized rotorcraft which first entered service in December 2014. Designed in collaboration with major Oil & Gas and Search and Rescue (SAR) customers and operators, the H175 responds to the specific market needs and safety requirements. The H175 exceeds the requirements of the latest and most demanding CS-29 regulation and Oil & Gas Producer (OGP) guidelines.
The H175 can operate at its full payload in 90% of oil and gas operations. It provides the best payload range-per-passenger/radius-of-action (RoA) in the medium-class helicopter category. With 16 passengers aboard in an oil and gas configuration, it can fly to distances of 140 nautical miles RoA, increasing to nearly 200 nautical miles RoA when 12 passengers are carried, with no auxiliary fuel tank required. In a higher density configuration, it can carry as many as 18 passengers up to 105 nautical miles RoA.
The H175 also has a high power margin in One Engine Inoperative (OEI) conditions. The helicopter can perform Performance Class 1 takeoffs and landings at MTOW (Maximum takeoff weight) in ISA+20°C conditions from a 70 ft.-high platform.
To support the introduction of the H175 to CHC’s fleet, the company has designated the Aberdeen base as its global H175 engineering centre of excellence.
“We continue to refine our global fleet to best meet the unique needs of each customer,” said Dave Balevic, Senior Vice President, Engineering and Operations at CHC Helicopter. “The addition of the H175 allows us to offer the latest aircraft technology. Locating our H175 engineering centre of excellence in Aberdeen will ensure current and future customers benefit from our best in class, global standards and processes.” (Source and image: CHC)