September 19, 2023

Tokyo-based JX Nippon announced that the Carbon Capture Facility of the Petra Nova CCUS Project, owned by Petra Nova Parish Holdings LLC, a consolidated subsidiary of JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation which had been shut down since May 2020, restarted operations on September 5, 2023. The Petra Nova CCUS Project, which captures CO2 from the flue gas of a thermal power plant and injects the captured CO2 into an oil field to increase in crude oil production. The Carbon Capture Facility of this project, is one of the largest carbon capture facilities in the world, can capture greenhouse gas (CO2) approximately 1.4 million metric tons per year. Last September, in order to further expand our knowledge of CCUS technology, we acquired an additional 50% interest in Petra Nova Parish Holdings LLC, making it a consolidated subsidiary. The ENEOS group to which JX Nippon belong is taking on the challenge of achieving both “a stable supply of energy and materials” and “the realization of a carbon-neutral society” and has been working to achieve carbon neutrality of its emissions by FY2040.
The Petra Nova CCS project is located in Thompsons, Texas, southwest of Houston, Texas. Project partners include: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Sargent & Lundy, The Industrial Company, and the University of Texas, Bureau of Economic Geology.
(Source: JX Nippon)