August 25, 2023

PGS is awarded a 3D exploration acquisition contract offshore Africa. A Ramform Titan Class vessel is expected to mobilize for the survey in the fourth quarter, subject to final approvals, and the program has a total duration of 4-5 months.
Ramform Victory was planned to steam to Brazil for a large 4D contract survey for Petrobras later in Q3. Subsequently, PGS has been informed of likely further delay in receiving permits for the survey. The steam to Brazil is therefore postponed to early Q4, whereupon the vessel will initially acquire data on an ongoing highly pre-funded MultiClient program until all permits are in place for the contracted 4D survey. Mobilization for the 4D contract survey is expected towards year-end, with an unchanged contract scope.
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(Source and image: PGS – Ranform Victory Titan Class survey ship)