September 13, 2017

Schlumberger unveiled the new DELFI cognitive E&P environment at the SIS Global Forum. This environment enables collaboration across exploration and production (E&P) teams and leverages the full potential of all available data and science to optimize E&P assets. The DELFI environment defines a new standard in cross-discipline collaboration. For the first time in one place, users can see and understand the connections and dynamic effects from exploration to abandonment. More than individuals collaborating, the DELFI environment is everything working together continuously: teams, systems, software, legacy data, and live inputs—all feeding into a unified environment that grows to become greater than the sum of its parts. The environment amplifies the individual capabilities and expertise of people working at each stage of the hydrocarbon life cycle. Whether explorationist, driller, or production engineer, the DELFI environment augments every connection and interaction, enabling you to arrive at better outcomes sooner.
Trusted to solve the industry’s most complex challenges, the DELFI cognitive E&P environment is supported by the collective knowledge of the world’s largest body of petrotechnical experts. Now the DELFI environment’s cognitive approach amplifies the capabilities of every expert; enabling you to automate tasks, use learning systems, interrogate richer data sources, and enable better and faster decisions. (Source: Schlumberger)